Noir at the Bar, MWA NorCal style

Noir at the Bar, last night’s MWA NorCal event at LitCrawl,

featured Cara Black, Tony Broadbent, Jerry Kennealy, Laurie R. King, Ellen Kirschman, Kelli Stanley & Jacqueline Winspear

(The authors, tightly caged for their own safety…)

reading brief, punchy excerpts from their books before a packed audience at the Latin American Club down in the Mission district. Things were hopping!

Ellen Kirschman has a dialogue with her protagonist. But hey, she’s the psychologist…

MYSTERY WEEK continues, with today’s event in Castro Valley, featuring a panel on The Challenge of Research with Janet Dawson, Jim Guigli, Camille Minichino (M), Judith Overmier & Ann Parker.

Mystery Week, 2017 continues at:

Santa Clara—Monday



Santa Cruz—Thursday

Event details here.