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Ongoing Events

Every Saturday from 10:45 AM-Noon
MWA NorCal sponsored Saturday Write-in. Join us on Saturday mornings for 10 minutes of chatty camaraderie followed by some dedicated writing time. And for NaNoWriMo in November, we’ll also be hosting an additional evening meet-up—Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.
Members, email and request the Google Meet link to join.

Every other Saturday at 1 PM
MWA NorCal Facebook Live
October 24: Mystery Week Panel
November 7: Catriona McPherson talks about “Mood”
November 21: Heather Haven talks about “Humor”
December 5: Cara Black talks about “Location, Location, Location”
December 19: Eileen Rendahl talks about “Cozies”

Individual Events

October 24-30, 2020
Mystery Week
Seven nights, 40+ writers, something for every reader—and writer! All online.
October 24, 7 PM: “Stayin’ Alive: How to stay creative while the city’s breaking and everybody’s shaking” — Camille Minichino (M), Rhys Bowen, Ann Parker, Margaret Dumas, J.J. Lamb | Register here
October 25, 7 PM: “Crime Through Time: Writing the Historical Mystery” — Janet Rudolph (M), Jacqueline Winspear, Janet Dawson, Priscilla Royal, Hal Glatzer | Register here
October 26, 7 PM: “Where? How? Settings & Research in a Mystery” — Laurie Sheehan (M), Catriona McPherson, John Billheimer, Gigi Pandian, Michael Nava | Register here
October 27, 7 PM: “Where’s My Hero? Finding Characters Who Work for You” — Claire Johnson (M), David Corbett, Camille Minichino, Ann Parker, Janice Peacock | Register here
October 28, 7 PM: “Dangerous Ideas: Does Genre Fiction Matter?” — Randal Brandt (M), Faye Snowden, Rae James, Laurie King, Owen Hill | Register here
October 29, 7 PM: “A Highly Suitable Job for a Woman: The Female Sleuth in Mystery Fiction” — Heather Haven (M), Cara Black, S. A. Lelchuk, Daisy Bateman, Robin Burcell | Register here
October 30, 7 PM: “A Bit of This, a Lot of That: Mixing Up Genre” — Laurie R. King (M), Maya Bohnhoff, Stephen Hockensmith, Nick Mamatas, Margaret Lucke | Register here

November 2020
MWA NorCal will host a variety of virtual NaNoWriMo meetups, with tips, cheering sessions, and end-of-the-month wrap-ups & suggestions, as our members make a dash to the finish line of a first draft. This is the year to dive in to National Novel Writing Month!