Forensic miniatures

There was an interesting post in “Murder is Everywhere” on crime-scene miniatures that were constructed by Frances Glessner Lee, the first female US police captain and “mother of forensic science”, who precisely reproduced murder scenes for detectives to study.  She was apparently a great lover of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and loved solving murder puzzles.  … Read more

A TRIO of Grand Masters for 2018!

Your next Grand Masters! Jane Langton, William Link, and Peter Lovesey. Awards will be presented during the Edgars banquet in April, watch for your invitation in the spring.

2018 is coming!

End of year business is upon us–the election of your 2018 board, a report on what we’ve done this year, and an update of our members’ names, links, and cover art on the web site. The ballot will be sent out soon, the report will be in the December newsletter–and as for the site update, … Read more