The self-pub writer’s editor

Our Indie writer panel on The Editorial Tangle, with Gigi Pandian, Steve Hockensmith, Heather Haven, Nick Mamatas, and Claire Johnson– is now up on our NorCal video/podcast page, here. This is not one of our members-only pages, so feel free to share it with anyone interested in how a self-published writer attains a cleanly edited … Read more

Deaver’s Commercial Excellence

Can “commercial fiction” also be excellent fiction? Jeff Deaver says YES, and will tell us how to do just it. Writing is a business, MWA President Deaver says. Yes, it’s satisfying, and creative, and challenging—but if it doesn’t sell, it’s not going anywhere. Plot and pacing, character and dialogue, tension and detail, outlining and revisions: … Read more

Indie workshop yay!

Saturday’s MWA NorCal Indie/self pub workshop went really, really well!  One packed room, five packed panels, a selection of packed lunches–more about the event in the newsletter,  but if you missed it, you missed out, this time.