Deaver’s Commercial Excellence

Can “commercial fiction” also be excellent fiction? Jeff Deaver says YES, and will tell us how to do just it. Writing is a business, MWA President Deaver says. Yes, it’s satisfying, and creative, and challenging—but if it doesn’t sell, it’s not going anywhere. Plot and pacing, character and dialogue, tension and detail, outlining and revisions: … Read more

Indie workshop yay!

Saturday’s MWA NorCal Indie/self pub workshop went really, really well!  One packed room, five packed panels, a selection of packed lunches–more about the event in the newsletter,  but if you missed it, you missed out, this time.

Is there Life After Innocence?

A panel about wrongful convictions: how do such convictions come about? How does someone get exonerated, and what happens afterward? And, how did we come up with a book of bestselling authors telling the stories of exonorees?  Panelists are lawyer/writers Leslie S. Klinger and Laura Caldwell of the Life After Innocence project, co-editors of The Anatomy of Innocence; writer Laurie R. … Read more