MWA NorCal members at Bouchercon!

Going to BoucherCon 2016? Check out the panels of your NorCal members–here’s some for


Thursday, September 15:
John Billheimer, 9:00, Another Tricky Day

Tess Collins, 1:30, Can’t You Hear Me Knocking?

Ann Parker, 1:30, Road to Find Out

Catherine Coulter, 1:30, Something to Talk About

Janet Finsilver 3:00, Scooby Snacks

Janet Rudolph (M), 3:00, Small Plot of Land


Friday, September 16

Sheldon Siegel, 9:30, I Fought The Law (and the law won)

Laurie R. King, 9:30, Of All The Young Ladies I Know

Cara Black, 11:00, You Always Hurt the One You Love

Susan Bickford, 2:00, Dirty Boulevard (hardboiled)

Kirk Russell, 2:00, Here, There, Everywhere

Alan Jacobson, 2:00, Time is Tight

Catriona McPherson, 2:00, We Don’t Need Another Hero


Saturday, September 17

Reese Hirsch (M), 9:00, All Tensed Up

Claire Booth, 9:00, Golden Years

Robin Burcell , 9:00, You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Allison Brennan (M),            10:30, Bleeding Love

Kelli Stanley, 10:30, What Is and What Should Never Be

John Billheimer (M), 10:30  Yesterday

Susan Spann, 10:30  Yesterday

Rhys Bowen, 12:00, By the Time I Get to Phoenix

Diana  Chambers, 12:00, Look Through Any Window

Janet Dawson, 1:30   The Bare Necessities

Deborah Lacey, 2:00, Bouchercon Anthology Signing

Gigi Pandian, 3:00, Learn To Be Lonely

Allison Brennan, 3:00, Slipping Through My Fingers

Catriona McPherson, 4:30 Interviews Craig Robertson Int’l Guest of Honor

Cara Black (M),  4:30, So Long, Farewell

Reese Hirsch, 4:30, Step in Time (pacing)

Michael Cooper, 4:30, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells …


Sunday, September 18

Susan Shea, 9:00, Outdoing Yourself With Every Book

Ellen Kirschman, 10:30, Police and Thieves