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Coming in October—Researching and Writing Historical Mysteries

Come to our next event! October 15, 2016 Noon-2pm. Laurel Bookstore 1423 Broadway, Oakland, California 94612 Meet Rhys Bowen, Tony Broadbent, Laurie R. King and Catriona McPherson to talk about writing historical mysteries and how they differ from traditional mysteries. Sponsored by the Mystery Writers of America NorCal and moderated by Janet Rudolph.

Notes from August Event: Libraries and Writers, A Mutual Admiration Society

Did you miss our last meeting, at the Oakland Public Library? Well, Laurie King was there, and she took notes! Enjoy, and don’t forget our forthcoming October meeting, also in Oakland. Writers and libraries have long made for a mutual admiration society: without us, their shelves would collect dust; without them, we’d have grown up … Read more