Members-only page resources

MWA NorCal’s members-only page (here) has loads of things for NorCal members. Such as a pdf of “Accurate Sources of CSI and Forensic Information” from June’s Finding Evidence workshop. It was compiled by Julie Jaecksch, long-time CSI with the Oakland Police Department, and makes for a valuable resource when you want to GET IT RIGHT! (Forgotten … Read more

“Tells” and Red Herrings

(An ongoing series of blog posts from member Lexa Mack, to spark your writing imagination. What do you think?) Tell – Noun – (especially in poker) an unconscious action that is thought to betray an attempted deception. Red Herring – Noun – Something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or … Read more

Random Suppositions

(Member Lexa Mack muses about murder…) I am guessing that the average (as in normal) person doesn’t sit in bed with their spouse and discuss creative (and undetectable) ways of killing other people.  Nor do they daydream of ways one might be suspected, or convicted, of a crime based on erroneous evidence.  Of course, I … Read more

Edgars on Jeopardy!

The MWA Edgars awards will be on Jeopardy this Thursday, July 18th–a special category featuring the Edgar awards!!! Check your local listings for stations and show times. #edgarawards #jeopardy