Edgars on Jeopardy!

The MWA Edgars awards will be on Jeopardy this Thursday, July 18th–a special category featuring the Edgar awards!!! Check your local listings for stations and show times. https://www.jeopardy.com #edgarawards #jeopardy

Chandler and Fleming talk crime

CrimeReads have published an article linking to a 1958 BBC recording of two friends talking about writing crime. The friends are Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming. Fleming: I think it is, yes. I don’t like to get too serious. This so-called hero of mine has a good time. He beats the villain in the end … Read more

A novel laundering scam

Most established authors have come across oddly packaged, often pirated books for sale under their names. It’s one of the advantages of being with a publishing house rather than being a full-on Indie, since the big houses always have a legal department ready to come snarling out of the woods at wrongdoers. But this article … Read more

Forensic miniatures

There was an interesting post in “Murder is Everywhere” on crime-scene miniatures that were constructed by Frances Glessner Lee, the first female US police captain and “mother of forensic science”, who precisely reproduced murder scenes for detectives to study.  She was apparently a great lover of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and loved solving murder puzzles.  … Read more